The process of purchasing a developed property (i.e. a commercial lodge or holiday home) in Mozambique requires the signing of a notarial deed of sale and the payment of transfer duties. Thereafter the registration of the alteration of ownership is made at the local deeds office. It should be noted that property rights are entrenched in the Mozambican constitution, in that the State recognises and guarantees the right of ownership of developed property.

The process is substantially different when acquiring any land rights in Mozambique on land that is not developed. This is due to the fact that all land in Mozambique is the property of the State and should any person (legal or natural) wish to acquire a concession (usually granted for 50 years and renewable for a further 50 years) he/she has to make an application to the State which must include a development plan clearly indicating what the purpose of the development will be. A Mozambican registered legal entity (with foreign shareholding) may apply for land concessions.

It should be noted that in the event that a tourism resort or a lodge is constructed (developed) this is then registered at the Deeds Office and thereafter the property becomes privately owned indefinitely and may be sold to third parties. In short it becomes ‘freehold’ property.

If you acquire a property on The Sanctuary, you automatically become bound by The Sanctuary rules and regulations.

The Sanctuary does not act as an agent in property transactions but will gladly facilitate interaction between interested parties and the seller. The Sanctuary can also assist with basic administration requirements inherent in a transaction at a fee.

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