new sanctuary brochure and information guide

The Sanctuary: 01 May 2013


A considerable amount of work and thought has been invested in a new brochure for The Sanctuary which goes to print imminently. All stakeholders will receive a copy as soon as possible and copies will be made available to visitors to The Sanctuary. We hope that this new brochure will be useful to you and others in understanding and appreciating everything that is on offer at The Sanctuary.

In addition you will find attached a new Information Guide for The Sanctuary. This invaluable document will help visitors to ‘navigate’ The Sanctuary and surrounds in order to get the most out of their visit. Again considerable thought and input has gone into this document and we extend our appreciation to the many stakeholders who contributed to its completion. The Information Guide can be printed out or saved to your personal device for ease of access. Hard copies will be put into folders in every home. We hope that you will find it informative and useful; it is a working document so contents will change over time and the document will be updated regularly and attached to each edition of the newsletter.