recent sanctuary projects

community: 02 May 2016


road network enhancement

Visitors to The Sanctuary will see that an extensive project to mark the roads, along with the availability of a new map of The Sanctuary, has made navigating the interior much easier and visitors may now embark on terrestrial safaris without fear of getting lost. All the roads have received some much needed maintenance and are in good shape. Detours have also been created at ‘blind’ points along the Mazarette road to avoid the possibility of collisions. Remember – keep left!

a wonderful new sundowner site

has been created overlooking the sand spits at World’s View, just below Site 4o. The new Muco viewpoint close to the Sanctuary office is overlooking a freshwater lake and species including Eland, Blue Wildebeest and Zebra are daily sightings.

new boat houses

Construction of the new boat house facilities up at the boat yard continues apace. The first phase of 12 boat houses should be completed by 30 September, after which the second phase will begin.