The Special License granted to the original developers by the Mozambican government allows for the development of 3 commercial lodges making up a total of 120 beds and 54 private homes on specified sites (maximum 12 beds per home). This limit is in keeping with desired low impact, low density development philosophy of The Sanctuary.

In keeping with the founding objectives and values of The Sanctuary all building activity is tightly governed to ensure minimal impact on the environment, both visually and practically. An Aesthetics and Building Committee appointed annually by the Board oversees all development projects to ensure that all stipulated criteria are adhered to.

It is the overarching aim of The Sanctuary that man’s footprint is kept as light as possible in order to ensure that its natural state is preserved and protected as far as possible. Furthermore the original parameters of the license agreement held with the Mozambican government are very specific in terms of what is allowed to be built.

The Sanctuary does not offer a building service itself and is unable to supervise works. This being said the team at The Sanctuary have much insight into what is practical, dependable and appropriate to the conditions and are available to dispense advice and guidance, and to refer investors to the relevant contractors.

Independent contractors based in Vilanculos are generally engaged to build new homes and they are encouraged to work with local artisans from the community. For example, jecca roofing teams from the local community provide excellent roofing expertise.