The Sanctuary is a large, fully protected coastal habitat. It is home to a diversity of both marine and terrestrial species, many of which are classified rare or endangered. Preservation of these assets is critical and the conservation practices employed by The Sanctuary are receiving increasingly wide international recognition and acclaim.

The latest bird census in 2017 indicated a total of 298 species of birds recorded on The Sanctuary – this shows a number of new species present since the last census was undertaken in 2002. Nineteen of the species recorded are Red Data-listed.

A total of 60 mammal species and 505 plants species have been recorded, including several species that are classified either rare or endangered, as well as ten Red Data Book species.

Four of the five species of marine turtles found in The Sanctuary waters and region, all of which are classified as endangered, have been confirmed to nest on The Sanctuary beaches, more species than on any other mainland area.