Marine Turtle Report 2018/19

: 06 Sep 2019


The Sanctuary completed its 10th successful year of marine turtle monitoring between September 2018 and March 2019, generously supported by Mozambique’s Foundation for the Conservation of Biodiversity, BIOFUND.

This monitoring programme employs nine local community members to patrol the Sanctuary’s 25km of easternmost coastline nightly and record and photograph all evidence of turtle emergences and nesting. The data collected over the past ten years shows a slightly increasing trend in the incidence of marine turtle nesting in the Sanctuary, with five different species of turtles having been recorded over the years. All data collected is shared with the Mozambican Turtle Monitoring Network and the Sanctuary is in discussions with African Parks to collaborate in a skills refreshment, information-sharing training exercise this year.

We are grateful to Dr Scotty Kyle for his assistance with data analysis and interpretation and the compilation of this report. 

To read the full report, please click this link.