Fishing opportunities for the keen angler are among the principle drawcards of The Sanctuary.

The deep sea waters adjacent to The Sanctuary are world-renowned fishing grounds for the competitive and recreational deep-sea fisherman, offering a wide variety of trophy species in veritable abundance. The Sanctuary’s proximity to these waters affords matchless access for the keen fisherman, who can have lines in the water within as little as half an hour of leaving the comfort of home.

In line with our conservation objectives, The Sanctuary has implemented Marine Protected Areas, also known as no-fishing zones along the immediate shoreline of the peninsula. The critical cooperation of the local fishing community, homeowners and management receives ongoing prioritisation in order to uphold these protected zones. The intention of The Sanctuary is to provide a network of protected marine areas / breeding grounds adequate to significantly enhance fish and invertebrate stocks and, in so doing, to produce ever increasing numbers of stocks to immigrate from our waters to the ocean.

A catch and release policy is widely adhered to with daily catch limits. A fishing license is required for any fishing activity (obtainable from The Sanctuary office).

deep-sea fishing

The waters off The Sanctuary’s shores are reputed to be amongst the best deep sea fishing waters on the East coast of Africa and are regularly featured in various media for the remarkable bounty and exceptional fishing conditions on offer. Numerous trophy species such as marlin, sailfish and swordfish are commonly caught off our shores. Many properties have their own deep sea fishing boats or fishing facilities can be arranged through The Sanctuary.

Deep sea and spear fishing outfitters operating out of Vilanculos can be engaged by private arrangement to guide fishing excursions if private facilities are unavailable.

saltwater fly fishing & spinning

Salt water fly fishing and spinning is permitted in the main channels beyond the limits of the Marine Protected Areas. The exceptional range of tides and the speed with which water flows in and out of The Sanctuary’s waters create ideal conditions for exciting and challenging outings for the experienced seawater fly-fisherman.