Many visitors will be surprised by the sheer size of the Bazaruto Archipelago and The Sanctuary conservation areas. Horizons seem to be never-ending and sand roads appear to lead on forever. Furthermore the extreme dynamic nature of a tidal area with a tidal range of over 4m between low and high tide means that channels and access ways change constantly.

Navigating the various waterways of the archipelago and the land areas of The Sanctuary is complicated and maps are therefore critical. These should be used in close conjunction with local tide tables.

The Sanctuary’s Information Guide is a useful, printed summary of everything a visitor needs to know to make utilising The Sanctuary hassle-free, safe and hospitable, all in accordance with the low impact, conservation-friendly mandate that underpins the values of The Sanctuary.

This website is updated as and when new information arises and is the most reliable and contemporary port of call for all matters relating to The Sanctuary.

The management team is always on hand to give personal guidance and advice to visitors.