Access to a reliable boat is critical to a visitor’s enjoyment of The Sanctuary as this is the quickest way of accessing the many wonderful facets of the peninsula. While boats can be hired form The Sanctuary, most private homes have their own boats. Two engines per boat are essential if going out to sea.

4 wheel drive vehicles are necessary to traverse the soft sand of The Sanctuary’s terrestrial areas. Most homes have their own vehicles but some visitors have no need for vehicles if their holidays are marine oriented.

The Sanctuary vehicles are used for managing the conservation area, and are not equipped to transport guests or their luggage. Please contact Dugong Lodge for hiring a vehicle.

Private boats and vehicles may not be rented out.

It is essential that all vessels and vehicles are sea- and roadworthy (check spare tyre and jack). 2-way radios on boats are essential and it is strongly recommended that cell phones are taken along on any expedition. One of the special features of The Sanctuary is its unpredictability and wildness. This can on occasion carry risks and unforeseen circumstances should be planned for proactively before setting out.