donation of books and spectacles

community: 03 May 2017


We were delighted to receive a donation of 485 school books from Andrew and Lynette Jackson of Site 7. This year the the books were distributed at the Mashuquel school, as last year the Matsopane and Chingonguene schools received books.

Andrew and Lynette also donated 42 pairs of spectacles to the Community. The photographs below are testimony to the delight expressed by many recipients for whom this wonderful donation is nothing short of life-changing.

schools and education in the Queune community

Stakeholders may be interested to learn about the schools and education initiatives within The Sanctuary.

The Queune Community district consists of several communities neighbouring The Sanctuary. The district is served by six primary schools of which five schools are inside The Sanctuary’s primary “responsibility areas”.

When The Sanctuary started, several schools were built by the developers. Building material mainly consisted of canico walls with jecca or corrugated iron roofs. In 2007 cyclone Flavio destroyed many of the original school buildings. The Sanctuary and individual owners provided ad hoc assistance in providing building materials to rebuild schools but were not involved with the infrastructural rebuild program. In 2013 a new cinder block school building was built at Chingonguene.

As at the February 2015 census nearly 2,000 students receive basic education within The Sanctuary. The table below gives a summary of infrastructure, students, teachers and equipment.

summary of schools inside the Queune district

Apart from the school building at Chingonguene, all other classrooms are built with either canico or raw cambric walls with corrugated iron or jecca roofs. There are no floors and most schools do not have school benches, except at Nhamanene School where the community made seats. At most schools there are not enough classrooms and subsequently some classes are being held under trees.

The curriculum covered includes Portuguese, mathematics, English, social science, natural science, physical education, design and painting, morals and behaviour, and small arts.

a need to educate elderly people of The Sanctuary

A need to educate the elderly people of The Sanctuary, specifically in spoken English, has been identified. An informal education program for the elderly has been initiated by the Community who motivate and organise lessons at various locations.

The Sanctuary started an education program for staff at the staff village, and it was well received. Initially classes were held in the kitchen area, and the construction of a more formal classroom (also to serve as a social room) is in process. Subjects for The Sanctuary staff include English, Tourism and Conservation, among others.

The Mozambican Government has indicated that a secondary school is to be built in the proposed urbanisation node, but there is no timeline nor detail available of the proposed development.

a call for assistance! The Sanctuary’s education initiatives

If anyone is in a position to assist The Sanctuary’s education initiatives in any way please contact Guillaume or Helga van Wyk. Donations of any kind – school books, stationery, classroom equipment, desks, chairs and benches, or donations for structural improvements to our schools – would be of inestimable value to our community. The importance of educating the community at The Sanctuary is critical if the respective stakeholders are to understand one another and continue to cooperate and cohabit satisfactorily in a conservation-minded approach.