Artificial reefs created in deeper waters within the Marine Protected Areas of The Sanctuary have shown remarkably rapid increases in fish numbers as well as impressive widening of species observed. Large female fish, critically important to breeding, find protection among the artificial reefs where they can reproduce undisturbed.

The fish attracted to the artificial reefs vary from reef to reef, depending on the age, size and structure of the reef. At least 78 different species of fish have been identified at one reef alone and up to five brindle bass, weighing up to 200 kilograms each, have been seen at one time making the artificial reefs of The Sanctuary one of the few places in the world where such fish can be seen during an “easy” and safe snorkel.

The protection of these areas has created spectacular snorkelling attractions with easy access for visitors. The artificial reef off Mazarette and jetties along The Sanctuary’s coastline are all excellent snorkelling areas notable for their safety and good visibility.

Snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities abound in the natural reef areas along the eastern shoreline of The Sanctuary, reputed to be among the best diving spots in the archipelago which divers from other areas visit regularly.

With the continental shelf nearby this coastline is considered one of the best diving areas in Mozambique. There are many opportunities to dive up to 40m among caves and overhangs with an array of fish and other sea life to rival the best underwater experiences in the world.

Deep sea diving and snorkelling outfitters operating out of Vilanculos can be engaged by private arrangement to guide diving and snorkelling excursions if private facilities are unavailable.