conservation: 15 Aug 2017


During the game rangers’ foot patrol last week, south of Lake None, they reported that they’ve heard a shot. The reaction unit together with the game rangers tracked the spoor to a house approximately 1.5km outside the game fence. An observation position was taken as we are not allowed to enter the house by law. We’ve requested assistance from the police commondant in Vilanculos who immediately made two police officers available who we transported by boat.

The alleged poacher was not in the house, and after some investigation the family confirmed that the gentleman known as Manecas Vilanculo was hunting and it is suspected that he shot a common duiker. He has fled on foot and his last known position was at Chipanzane still heading south. The police informed another unit near this location to look for him – he is still at large. One shotgun, 20 rounds, headlamps and a panga was found and confiscated.

We thank our game rangers for risking their lives by tracking an armed poacher during the night and the swift assistance from the Mozambican police.