Coastal clean-up 2018

conservation: 29 Nov 2018


International Coastal Clean-Up Day took place on 15 September 2018, and a contingent of Sanctuary staff and children from local communities participated by cleaning a stretch of beach from Nyathi southward.

81 people took part comprising 50 school children, 10 teachers, 3 nurses, and 18 Sanctuary staff. 195 bags with a 50kg capacity, and 140 black rubbish bags were filled. A total of 2900kg of waste was collected – a phenomenal achievement!

The Sanctuary submitted statistics and photographs to ANAC, who conveyed their pleasure with our efforts. Some of our images from the day were incorporated in an audio-visual presentation that was circulated by ANAC nationally.

We would like to thank Charles Theron from Site 30; Philip Baum, Duncan Parker and Jon Cummings of Linene 2; Stephen & Maggie Lansdown and Conrad & Zoë Dednam from Pambele, and Lloyd and Liz Mitchell of Site 26 for their generous donations toward the costs of this exercise. We are very grateful for this wonderful support.